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Van 17 mei 2017 tot 7 juni 2017 is Ingrid Kincaid, The Rune Woman, in Nederland. Tijdens deze periode zal zij lezingen en workshops geven en is het ook mogelijk privee sessies/readings bij haar te boeken.
De voertaal is Engels maar er wordt, waar nodig, gezorgd voor een vertaling in het Nederlands.

Ingrid Kincaid is binnen de gemeenschap van Portland, Oregon, USA, een Oudste. Ze is schrijver, lerares en verhalenverteller.
Het is haar passie en missie de ondergesneeuwde Wijsheid van het Noorden terug te brengen in de wereld.

Er staan op dit moment 4 Evenementen gepland. Tevens is het mogelijk privee sessies/readings bij haar te boeken.

Grote Hout- of Koningsweg 39, 1951GN Velsen-Noord, Nederland

Zaterdag 20 mei 2017, 14-16 uur: in deze eerste presentatie zal Ingrid zichzelf introduceren, vertellen hoe zij de Wijsheid van Het Noorden heeft teruggevonden en ze zal ons een voorproefje geven van The Lost Teachings of the North / De Ondergesneeuwde Oude Wijsheid van het Noorden.
Zondag 21 mei 2017, 10-16 uur, de dag workshop Lost Teachings of the North – Living Wisdom of the Norse Spirit Wheel.
Woensdag 24 mei 2017, 19:30-21:30 uur: When Women Remember Their Names.
Vrijdag 26 mei 2017, 19:30-21:30 uur: The Missing Grandmother of the North.

Zie voor de beschrijvingen hieronder.

Privee Sessies/Readings op afspraak.

Losse Lezingen EURo 15. Er wordt voor koffie/thee gezorgd.
Dagworkshop: EURO 60. (zelf lunch meenemen)
Dit is inclusief koffie/thee.

Bij deelname aan de Introductie op 20 mei + de Dagworkshop van 21 mei bedragen de totaal kosten niet EURo 75 maar, EURO 60.
Bij deelname aan alle 4 Evenementen bedragen de totaal kosten niet EURo 105 maar, EURo 75.
Laat de kosten geen probleem zijn, maar neem contact met ons op voor een voor jou haalbare oplossing.
Privee Sessies/Readings in overleg met Ingrid.

Voor informatie en/of opgeven, mail naar: tinahvisser@gmail.com of stuur een berichtje via Facebook/Messenger naar Tinah Bee.

Voor vragen/info vooraf aan Ingrid Kincaid, mail naar: ingrid@ingridkincaid.com

Of ga naar: http://www.ingridkincaid.com/details-of-nl-events.html

Mis deze unieke kans niet om Ingrid Kincaid, The Rune Woman, te ontmoeten, zij die zegt:
“Ik ben een Eigen-Wijze vrouw. Ik help mensen op ontdekkingstocht te gaan, hoe angstig dat soms ook kan zijn, door het stellen van vragen.
Ik nodig je uit je leven te leven vanuit het stellen van vragen en niet vanuit het idee dat er maar 1 juist antwoord bestaat.
Als je de moed hebt met mij samen te werken, spiritueel, persoonlijk, creatief of professioneel dan verzeker ik je dat je leven nooit meer hetzelfde zal zijn”

Ingrid en ik verheugen ons erop je op 1 van de evenementen te ontmoeten.
Je zult geen spijt hebben van dit nieuwe avontuur.


1. Introduction Lost Teachings of the North, Saturday May 20th, 2pm-4pm, 15

Join Ingrid Kincaid as she provides the beneficial background and sets the scene for her upcoming in-depth workshop about the Norse Spirit Wheel. Ingrid will share how she has come upon her knowledge of the Wisdom of the North and provide the information that will allow you to sink into a deeper understanding and vibration for her later workshop on the Norse Spirit Wheel.

Ingrid Kincaid is an internationally known author, educator and spiritual elder. She carries in her bloodline an intriguing mixture of a Norse woman’s love of travel and adventure and the song of the bagpipes from the Scottish Highlands. Ingrid speaks passionately about the rich spiritual heritage of Old Europe, the earth wisdom that informed the life of our indigenous ancestors before Christianity and before the Romans and she reminds those of European descent of the need to know their own forgotten indigenous heritage.

In her teaching, writing and storytelling she invites people to bring their spirituality back down to earth, reconnect with their roots and heal inherited ancestral grief.

Ingrid will be visiting The Netherlands between the dates of May 18 through June 6, 2017. She will be giving presentations and leading workshops as well as offering private spiritual guidance sessions.

Facebook event listing here.

2. The Lost Teachings of the North, Sunday May 21st, 10am – 4pm (break for lunch), 60
Living Wisdom Of The Norse Spirit Wheel

This day-long workshop taught by Ingrid Kincaid is an interactive mixture of earth wisdom, rune lore, storytelling and guided meditation. Weaving together the ancient and the modern, she creates an experience where you can explore and reconnect with native wisdom and spirituality that is part of the forgotten indigenous, heritage of Old Europe.

There was a time in the past when the people of the earth lived in harmony with nature and the cycles and seasons of life.
They oriented themselves by stepping into the center of the Great Wheel, rooting themselves in the earth and looking to the horizon for the future and the past.
How can an understanding of the teachings of the Spirit Wheel benefit your life today?
Learn to use the Wisdom of the Wheel
reconnect with indigenous wisdom
find direction
regain balance
solve problems
resolve conflicts
reclaim a sense of joy and purpose
remember ancestral heritage

We will take a stand in the Center of the Spirit Wheel
We will listen to the speaking of the Winds that blow in the Four Directions
We will meet the creatures that dwell in the Wheel
We will call upon the Runes that hold the teachings

Facebook event listing here.

3. When Women Remember Their Names, Wednesday May 24th, 7:30pm-9:30pm, 15

What’s possible when you remember who you are?
What would you talk about if you weren’t afraid?
….afraid of being judged
….afraid of being criticized
….afraid of being embarrassed, made to feel stupid or even shamed
Who would you be?

Do you long to connect spiritually with the wisdom of the sacred feminine?
Are you hungry for a more passionate, meaningful life?
What secrets, desires or dreams have you hidden away?

For thousands of years our stories have been told by men, in their words, using their language, written in the margins of their books, if written about at all.  Our sacred wisdom has been denied and devalued in religious systems worldwide, systems that are patriarchal, misogynistic and female dishonoring.
It’s time we women reclaim our names and remember who we are.
When we remember who we are, we speak our Dark Moon Wisdom
through the Mystery of Our Creativity
through the Mystery of Our Sexuality
through the Mystery of Our Spirituality

Facebook event listing here.

4. The Missing Grandmother Of the North, Friday May 26th, 7:30-9:30pm, 15

We Europeans have wandered spiritually for many years.
We have sat at the Sacred Fires of many peoples, of many colors and many languages.
We have copied their practices and rituals.
We have adopted their symbols and art.
We have embraced their spiritual beliefs.
It’s time we returned home.
It time we remember our own sacred history.
It’s time we sit, once again. by the Sacred Fire, with our own grandmother, the Native Indigenous European Wise Woman.
She is not a woman of color.
She is not from the land of other.
She is our Grandmother.
We carry her memory in our bodies.
She sings to us through our bloodlines.
She is waiting to welcome us home.
She hasn’t really been missing.
We are the ones who have forgotten.

Join us for this rare opportunity to hear Ingrid Kincaid, speak about the Missing Grandmother of the North, a topic that is both challenging and provocative.
Ingrid is an internationally known author, educator and wisdom keeper. She carries in her bloodline the intriguing mixture of a Norse woman’s love of travel and adventure and the song of the Scottish Highlands bagpipes. Ingrid speaks passionately about the rich spiritual heritage of Old Europe, the earth wisdom that informed the life of our indigenous ancestors before Christianity and before the Romans and she reminds those of European descent of the need to know their own indigenous heritage.
In her teaching, writing and storytelling she invites people to bring their spirituality back down to earth, reconnect with their roots and heal inherited ancestral grief.

Ingrid is visiting The Netherlands giving presentations and leading workshops as well as offering private spiritual guidance sessions.
The Missing Grandmother is just one of 26 topics included in her yearlong course called Hidden & Forbidden: Women’s Dark Moon Wisdom.

Facebook event listing here.


“You may not remember
But someone
in some future time,
Fragment of a Sappho Poem – 7th C.BCE.

northern lights ice fields

ISA = I Wait
And the Mystery within is contained and revealed

It was at Winter Solstice 2014 that Isa came my way. In the turmoil of changes She came to me with the Message to Sit and Be Still.
Be still and Listen, Listen and Feel. No plans, no solutions, just sit and be still.
It was at night before falling asleep that She invited me to come and stand on the Ice with Her experiencing spaciousness, feeling clarity and noticing under the Ice some soft rippling of the Waters, deep down below.
She helped me to slow down, to wait and watch things appear instead of pushing them into form. She helped me to wait for things to be ripened and ready to harvest or to let die. She helped me to stand strong in all this waiting and to always find my way back to the Center, the Center of my life, the Center of Life.isa rune

But Isa is more than Ice only.
The Ice Rune Isa is shaped as a vertical line, as a Stav or Staff.

Staff Carrying Woman
It was in 2012 that I met Isa for the first time during a workshop dedicated to IxChel, Mayan Goddess of the Moon and Waters, Childbirth and Death, Weaving and Rainbows.
IxChel leads me back to the Mayan Moondance.


top of Ixchel's TempleIn 1994 the Keeper of the Mayan MoonDance, Isabel Varga, decided the time had come to send the Dance out into the world for the Healing of Mother Earth and all Her Children.
During 4 nights (the 4th being the Full Moon Night) Women are dancing from Sunset till Sunrise within a Sacred Circle while Men are playing the Drum and Singing the Songs outside the Circle. Yin and Yang working together in a very harmonious way.
Women traditionally promised to dance the Moondance at least 4 times in their lives. After the 4th Dance they became a Staff Carrying Woman and were allowed to start their own Moondance Circle.
I’ve danced this Dance 4 times in my life and became a Staff Carrying Woman,  but I did not open up a new Moondance Circle.


After wandering around for many years I finally have found my way back to the Sacred Fire of my indigenous European Ancestors.
As my Foremothers have shown me the way back to the so called Motherlands, Old Europe as Marija Gimbutas named it, the ancestral Lineage of my grandfather (my mothers father) who was German has led me to Northern Europe as well as DNA Matches with the North.
The Runes have had my interest since long but it was not until the past few months that 3 Women have come my way who have each inspired me to step back on Track, to look differently at the, for me, macho Sagas of Norse Mythology and reach beyond Indo-European Culture (beyond Odin’s time).
Both my Maternal and Paternal Lineages have guided me back into Pre-Indo-European (Pre-Patriarchal) times to find the Broken Threads and Heal them.
And all the time from 2012 up until now,  Isa kept coming back and I wondered what Message she might have for me, Isa the Ice Rune, Isa the Stav.

Then I find the Volva / Staff Carrying Woman of Ancient Northern Europe.volva simple drawing with stav
Women who could transform one substance into another by Spinning, Weaving, Churning, Baking etc., but who also used their Stav to travel in the Inner World.
By using the Stav in making Rhythms, Chanting and Voicing Tones and Runes they could find their way in the Inner World and still do so.
And what struck me like a lightning bolt is that as the Volva can find her way in the Inner World with help of her Stav, I have found my way in the outer world during whole my life with help of my Staff being a Cane, the Cane I call Isa now.

So Isa is very important for me being Stillness and being the Stav in the outer world as well as in the Inner World.

Sitting at the Well of Origin repairing the Broken Threads and Weaving them back into the Web of Wyrd I smile realizing Volva and Bees have something in common.
As the Staff Carrying Women are known for their ability of transforming one substance into another so are Bees – Transmuting Nectar into Honey.
And Tinah Bee, Sister of the Runes, Woman of the Always, was born.



lynn andrews transformation

“Refuse to fall down.
If you cannot refuse to fall down,
refuse to stay down.
If you cannot refuse to stay down
lift your heart toward heaven
and like a hungry beggar,
ask that it be filled,
and it will be filled.
You may be pushed down.
You may be kept from rising.
But no one can keep you
from lifting your heart
toward heaven —
only you.
It is in the midst of misery
that so much becomes clear.
The one who says nothing good
came of this,
is not yet listening.”
~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“I’m standing in a meadow. Grass all around. In front of me on a distance a long long wooden fence and a Deep Knowing within that when Robert Madden Moon Over Smith BridgeI will pass that fence there won’t be a returning back for ever more.”
I am 9 having extreme high fever and did not pass.
I had a Drink of the Ancient Mead but nothing did I know about Mead and the Well of Origin.


In November 1983 this Window of Knowing will open once again. It is like the Pause between two Breaths, like the Pause between two Heart Beats, this split second out of time and space in which a Clear Deep Knowing can come through and it came through, to me, once again that evening while joining a lecture about Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychologist whose multidimensional approach, whose Bridging Science and Sacred deeply resonated in me. It is on that evening of recognition, of feeling acknowledged for the firtst time in my life, that I all at the sudden Know that everything that has happened in my life up until that moment makes sense, that it simply makes sense. No more, no less.
Again, I had a Drink of the Ancient Mead but still I did not know anything about Mead and the Well of Origin.

Mead Woman

A few years later I am entering what would turn out to be the Darkest Time of my life.
In that Dark Season 4 Faeries come to me handing down to me, each, a Holy (Healing) Spell. They Teach me how to Speak these Spells and if I will do it the right way I will be able to Heal myself, they say.

1. “God and Devil are the same as Good and Evil. The difference is only one letter.”
This simple Saying opened my Ears for Language. When reading books words would spontaneously open and close again showing me a new world that, in its Essence, was an old and ancient one. And so I learn that Female Words are not only the opposite of Male Words but that they include Male Words and doing so can be seen as Symbols of Wholeness, of Oneness, as is the Circle.
Words have never been the same again. They are transmuted into Symbols, into Hieroglyphs, Gateways into another Realm.
The first Word showing Herself to me that way was “She” “S-He”

2. “Ask yourself why you feel what you feel.”
“If you want to break up any relationship you’re in, and know that you have the right to do so, just realise that you will bring yourself with you, always. A new relationship may look bright and shiny but one day you will meet yourself again and come to that place of walking away again or asking yourself: why do I feel what I feel.”

3. “Your Body Remembers”
Being on my way to my Psychology Lessons as part of my Holistic Healing Study. Sitting in the train, feeling sick, having irregular heartbeat, panick, full of fear.
Surprise. It went so well and here it is again.
Teacher: “did this happen before?”
Me: “Yes.”
Teacher: “Was it also on the way to your Lessons here?”
Me: “Yes.”
Teacher: “Your Body remembers. Your Body remembers and reacts the way it did the very first time.
As long as what is beyond these feelings is not completely worked through your body will remember and react, any time you will get in a situation similar to the original one, as being in that original one.”

And so I began to Drink from the Cup of Memory, from the Cauldron filled with Precious Mead, that Blend of Spirit, Memory and Poetry that would lead me through the Underworld, through the Labyrinth of Love to finally find myself in the Center of what turned out to be a Lemniscate.

4. “Bond And Bondage”
“When you’re standing in one Circle with someone else, only one of the two of you can stand in the Center. The other always has to turn with the centered one, as a Satellite, without any Will.
When you’re standing in an 8 with someone else, the two of you will each stand in the Center of your own Circle, still being connected through the Golden Thread forming the 8, the Lemniscate.
This makes the difference between Bond and Bondage.”

And so I started Dancing my Dance, started Singing my Song of Creation, gaining more and more Understanding of the Ancient Mead and the Well of Origin.

dancing under night skyJupiter and venus dancing in night sky


Trees are sanctuaries.
Whoever knows how to speak to them,
whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.
They do not preach learning and precepts,
they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.
Hermann Hesse


It is said that Trees are Keepers of Memories. During the Dark Moon of Dreaming Moon I chose the Hawthorne (or does She chose me) to do my Ritual with. She is standing North of our House and while Offering Mother Earth and May (or Hawthorne) my Blessings Whispers of Memories are reaching out for me and I Listen, and this is what I Hear:
Footsteps, footsteps of a child on a road creating different sounds because of echoes coming back from empty spaces and from Trees along the road. I hear footsteps of an adult, too, the child’s father I guess. He is walking on her right side and right from him are the Trees. They are playing a Game called: Counting the Trees. Every time the child hears the echo coming back from a tree, when she hears she is passing a Tree she says: “Yes, there’s one, and another one”. And the voice of her father: “Yes, then sound of Grin”. Her mother and sister are there as well and they all have fun and I can hear their laughter. They are happy because they all See the same Tree, if its with their eyes or their ears.
Years later I will learn that the Trees taught me, as a Kid, Echolocation or Flash Sonar, that Trees have been my Teachers in Imaging the World with help of Sound.
But in those early days this was a favorite Game of the Child, and her Family.Country Diary : Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula) peering out of tree hole

Years later the Tree would come back in my life as an Old Friend, patiently waiting for me to find him so he could comfort me and give me a place to rest.
It is in my mid-thirties in a period of my life that I feel threatened and full of fear that I, on a certain moment, find myself on the bottom of a Well, a cold chilly wet Well with high slippery walls all around. I am sitting on the ground not knowing how to get out. After a long while I start climbing, hands and feet against the wall. Again and again I slip back but I hold on wanting out of this gloomy place so badly and after a very exhausting long time I finally can grab the edge of the Well with one hand, pull myself up and over it and roll out. Being very tired I lay still for a while but then slowly get on my feet again and start looking for Stones. I want to lay Stones on the opening of the Well, I want to lay lots of Stones on and over it to protect myself for falling in again. Every Stone I place represents someone who loves me and I say their Names out loud, I name them all. So, I create a Monument of Love.

When I am ready it is still no time to rest. First I have to get away from this deep whole, this Well, as far as I can and so I crawl up a Hill. Being on top, looking back, I can see the Well deep down below with a Cairn built over and around it. I crawl a bit further and there He is, an Old Old Tree, an Old Old Oak. He invites me to sit with Him and rest. And so I do.
It is 26 Years later that I, coming out of the woods, stepping upon a Path, find myself again Facing Oak. It is then that I realize that sitting down and rest at his foot had only been the Beginning of another Journey, a Journey that would last 26 years, wandering through the woods, through a Labyrinth of Paths leading me back to the same Center, over and over again.

Coming out of the woods I find myself on a Clearing, back on Track, back on my Path and it is Oak who is there to welcome me.


All these Memories are Whispering to me when I stand with Hawthorne on the Dark Moon of Dreaming Moon. She who is standing in front of me, Woman ready to Receive, May, Her I Offer my Sacred Waters/Sacred Blood, Walking around Her, Singing, Chanting, Telling Mother Earth Peace is on the way.

Paradise Regained

Snake Ouroboros Crown

Voices of Eden and Eliane Gilad

“In my Dream He asks me: What Does 4 Mean To You?
My immediate response is: I Left Home at 4. After waking up I go: oh no, not again….”

During one of the Lessons Jungian Psychology on a certain moment they come to talk about the story of Adam and Eve and suddenly she remembers that while being a child this story was her favorite one. She wanted to hear it over and over again. Why was it, she wonders, that she wanted to hear this story again and again and again. Why was this story her favorite one? Was it because of being disobedient or sinful she was banned from Paradise = had to leave home at 4? Did she deserve punishment because of being different?

Or is this preference based on a deep desire to return to Paradise, to return home? Or was there a deeper Knowing trying to comfort her in the situation she was in?

In her book Being happy with yourself Karen Hamaker-Zondag, her teacher, is giving a complete different interpretation of the Paradise story than the one we know from the bible, one that does not only feel better to her but also makes far more sense than the other one.

Paradise being Divine State of Oneness, but a completely unconscious state of being. This total unconscious way of life, also unaware of itself, Karen says, is like the beginning of life from a new born baby. However, there will come a moment in time in which something wants to detach itself from this unconscious state of being to be able to get to consciousness.
This process, she says, the Paradise story is showing us in a magnificent way when we look at it in a symbolically psychologically way. There are 4 Rivers in the Paradise and 2 central Trees. One Tree of Knowledge of good and bad and one Tree which Fruits give us Eternal Life. The Garden with the 4 Rivers is a Mandala, Symbol of Wholeness. Jung says when circular patterns devided in 4 appear in our dreams Healing is near. It is a very powerful Symbol.

About Tree Symbology Karen writes:
The Tree of Immortality or the Tree of Life can represent the Divine Core of the psyche. The Tree of Knowledge about Good and Bad is a tree providing us awareness. This Tree we need to develop Individuality. As long as we live in this complete state of unconsciousness we can eat Fruits from the Tree of Immortality without anything happening/changing for, we are both nothing and eternal, no consciousness and thus in a complete Divine State of being.

This can only be changed by the impulse wanting to become ourselves and learn discriminating. This is symbolized by eating the Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge about Good and Bad. But God has forbidden Adam and Eve to eat these Fruits and he has told them that the day they Will eat these Fruits they will die.

The Snake whispers in Eve’s ear that they won’t die but that God knows that when they, Adam and Eve, will eat those Fruits their eyes will be opened and they will be like Him and know about good and bad. Eve takes an apple and eats from it and also gives Adam some of it. They do not die but all at the sudden they are aware of being naked.
God is furious and bans them from Paradise. He punishes them with a life full of hard work for Adam and Eve to deliver children in pain.

How different the psychic meaning of this story and what a beautiful way to show the development of individuality in a human being making it possible to live a life of its own.
When a child learns to say “I” it starts making drawings of circles with crosses in it = Paradise with the 4 Rivers. It becomes aware of itself and it starts developing an Ego but to be able to do so it has to leave Paradise.

The Snake is an ancient Symbol of the flow of psychic energy, Karen says. The impulse to go in the flow comes from the Self and the Self knows what time is right for this individual child to take a step towards developing awareness. The psychic energy, the Snake, will move into that direction.

In many cultures the Feminine is described as being receptive and as a power to go in the flow. And that’s why it is Eve and not Adam who can hear the Snake, Eve being the receptive principle in every human being listens and follows what the Self says is right and natural in psychic development for this very moment.
To be able to develop fully it is needed that Yin and Yang, Female and Male go together, will unite within the psyche. And that is why Adam has to eat from the apple as well to make it possible to enter a new phase in life in that new way of being one.

“She was not punished? She wasn’t sinful or disobedient? No, she was not. She was obeying in a very strict way, obeying herself, her Self that knew the time was right for her to take steps on the Path of developing self awareness, time to walk her own Path her way, to learn the difference between good and bad, between her and the other.

And so she left home while being 4 and set out on her personal Journey through life.”