Tinah Bee, A Taste of Honey

LOVE – the Nectar of the Heart of Divinity

I fill my Cup and Share it generously.

Drinking_HornThis is the first message I receive from the BeeWorld in the summer of 2012. It is during a workshop with Anique Radiant Heart, Creating a Sacred Gourd, a Healing Rattle,
that I find this Message on my chair, on a photo. On the photo also is an image of the Goddess Kwan Yin and her Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Later that week I have a dream in which a woman comes to me with a long needle in her hand. I’m afraid she is going to give me an injection but she doesn’t.
She says: taste this and puts the needle in my mouth. What I taste is something very sweet.

A day or two later I read a story in Lynn Andrews newsletter about the Melipona Bees from Mexico. These are Stingless Bees. The ancient Mayan People already
kept them, worked and lived with them in a harmonious and respectful way.
In this post Lynn is sharing about these Melipona Bees gathering their Nectar from specific flowers, not all. They carefully choose the flowers to collect
the Nectar from.
We, too, can choose the Paths of Knowledge we want to walk very consciously and carefully. We can hold the Knowledge, the Nectar, within and transform
it into our own Honey = Wisdom.
The same with our Life Experiences.

This speaks to me in a very strong way and it was at that very moment that I realized that I have done this whole my life – Transforming the Heavy Metals of Life into
Gold – Transmuting the Nectar into Honey by Drinking from the Cauldron filled with Precious Mead.
And so the Bees enlivened the HoneyPriestessa in me and I called myself Tinah Bee.

Calling Mother Malta Home

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