Seeing in the Dark

A small group of people enters a park; slowly, carefully, for this is an extraordinary park. Yes, all is there; birds are singing, water streaming, statues, plants and bushes but one thing is missing: light. All is in complete darkness. These people just embarked on a Journey called the Seeing In The Dark Experience and I will journey with them as their guide.
We will explore and experience the wonder of our other, non visual, senses and instead of looking around we will create a 3D soundscape by Listening around. Our feet will Tell us about the different layers on the ground and we will use our hands to See the statues.
Its a walk through a park, on a street, crossing a road with all the different sounds, feelings and scents.
But there is more. This is a group of people that wants to discover more about themselves. So, how about trusting yourself in a complete unknown area? Trusting the Dark, the others and your guide?
How about communication.

Darkness is a perfect setting to invite people to come closer to themselves and start speaking from a place of honesty. In the dark it is easier to open up to one’s feelings and because of being in the same situation this Journey can create an atmosphere of intimacy, of connectedness.
What I’m trying to describe is how a walk in the dark can make a good working caring Team from people who know each other only one day. And this Bond makes this Journey very special.

This night there is one person I’m very quickly in contact with in an easy and familiar way. And when we are in the dark bar and sit together at a table with our drinks our conversation easily and naturally becomes one of familiarity. We dive deep and doing so Threads are Spun and Woven into a Fabric of Deep Understanding and Connectedness.

We talk about human things like being uncertain and having doubts about ourselves. I tell you that I feel a nice person within you, that you have a kind personality. You ask me how I know without seeing you with my eyes (if its dark or light) and my response to that is that Seeing someone, Seeing someone’s personality has nothing to do with looking at someone with your physical eyes but that it is about Energy, about Vibration. For me it is the combination of Voice and what radiates out of someone. No fake through body language or whatever mask you wish to put on your face.
What is happening between us is hard to describe but, heart-to-heart connected as we are in this very moment, a Cocoon of Intimacy is Spun around us and when you ask me if you may hug me (something I’ve never done before with visitors and never after) I react after a short hesitation with a Yes because it fits the situation. We stand up, you walk over to me and for a short moment we hold each other there in the Dark Speaking Words without sound.
Then the Moment is gone and with that the Magic.

Three years later you’re back and I, again, am your guide in the dark.
I have to tell you a story, you say. Again in the bar sitting at a table you share your story with me.
“That evening three years ago when I came out of the dark back into the light and saw you (you hadn’t seen me before) what my eyes saw, told me, did not match with what I’ve felt in the dark. And I realised that my eyes have cheated me all my life. This has been a life-changing experience for me and i’ve taken decisions based on the Wisdom gained from that.
I left a long-term relationship I was in because for my eyes it still fitted but for my feelings it didn’t.
I have decided to not listen to my eyes anymore, to not let them take the Lead in future choices anymore.”

Sitting in silence in my own space I know that being part of such a transformational experience in someone else’s life means that there is a Message for me in it, too. And I ask: what is the Message for me here?
No doubt, my transformation is having grown from a blind-eyed little girl into a Woman who can See in the dark, who can trust her feelings, her Inner Wisdom. I’ve come Full Circle and feel a strong desire to finally leave the past behind.
Like the World Serpent surrounding the Earth, bringing together two extremes to make it Whole, so I now bring together two extremes in me to become Whole: Being Blind in the Light, Having Sight in the Dark. I Am Both.
I am ready for the next step on my Path, for the Work I’ll choose to do.
With a Big Smile I Mark my Path with this Gem, a Marker to trustfully Journey from into my self chosen future.

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