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Whispers from the Past

While Sara is describing the Cave to me Rhythm and Melody of her voice are guiding me towards the Place through metamorphosing Words into Hieroglyphs – into Sacred Sound – into Vibration.

I’m standing in front of a rocky massif, the entrance, a triangle is not clear to me. What is clear is that I feel an extremely desolated place.
I can hear the crispy sound of the grass under my feet. Feeling with my hands it feels dry and dead.
It is warm although the sun is not shining. It is that kind of atmosphere short before thunder and lightning.
The stonemass in front of me feels strong, thick, not inviting and it is like its going a bit in a bow more to the left. I hear a bit of echolocation on my left and in the same time I feel its presence. It’s a combination of these two ways of perceiving/sensing something.
The stone doesn’t feel rough, it feels warm although from inside (so there must be an entrance) a certain sensation of cold is coming towards me.

When I turn my back towards this huge rocky wall there is nothing in front of me. On a far distance there is woods. Somehow I feel the presence of trees on a distance.
But here on this place I do not feel well. This place for me feels so incredibly desolated, almost threatening.
I feel resistence but remembering my Role in Life I turn around again and look for the entrance. It’s there and I know I have to go inside and find out more.
So I bow down and go inside. The resistence inside myself is the reason why I can’t go inside that easily.
Once inside there is a room where I can stand upright. In the center is a sort of stone altar in the shape of a pyramid although the top is flat.
A woman is hanging over it, her hair hanging loose. She’s not dead but all life force is flown out of her. Then from the left young women appear as if they come right out of the walls.

The atmosphere is tense. I start playing a Drum, a Handdrum, the Persophone Rhythm.
I’m here, it seems, to comfort them, to soothe their emotions.
While drumming the young women start feeling more alive again and so does the older woman. She is now standing near the altar and not hanging over it any more.
I tell them there is no need to hide away any longer.
Then the young women start to dance.

What they pass down to me is that this was a place for women to gather, to teach each other, to initiate the young ones in the mysteries of Life, the physical life as well as the spiritual.
On a certain moment in time they were forced to hide themselves away.
Inside the cave it feels much better now. The atmosphere has dramatically changed.
You don’t have to hide anymore is again what I’m telling them.
There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to fear.
They go back to their places and so do I. I’m back in my room at home.

Song of Creation

In the beginning She was, She was there holding a Drum on Her lap. Her hands laying over the Drum, Protecting Her Belly, Her Womb Energy, Waiting, Listening, Listening to a Sound that can’t be heard with physical ears but can be heard with Ears of the Heart.
It is the Sound of Bees, humming their Song of Creation, waiting for someone to tune in and Sing Life into Beeing.
As soon as She takes Her Drum in Her hand, lifting Her finger for the first stroke, She knows that with that Dum everything will be changed for ever.
She knows that as soon as She starts playing the Drum Vibrations will spread from Her into the Universe like a stone being thrown into the Waters creating circles starting where it touches the water growing bigger and bigger reaching out onto unknown places.

And so it is with the Waves of our Thoughts, our Feelings, our Words. Once they have left their place of Birth they will cycle through the Universe in a way we might not have exspected, in a direction we might not have foreseen. It will create and affect Creation in a way we can’t predict.
So, the only thing we can do is to hold our Drums carefully and listen and, with the Bees, Sing our Song of Creation.

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