Monthly Archives: January 2015

Woman with the Drum

In a private session with one of her Teachers she is guided back to the very beginning, beyond thoughts and feelings, into the Unmanifested, the omnipotent nothingness.
She is reliving the experience she once had in Peru. Again she is breathing with her environment, again she is breath herself. Her Teacher is telling about the Woman with the Drum who was there at the very beginning because of the Beat of the Drum being the first sound of creation. She asks Isa how she is related to this Woman with the Drum and Isa’s answer is: I’m holding the Drum.
Sitting in the Center of Creation she understands with her whole being, can see and feel it very clearly, how, when she is only moving a finger, when she is only beginning to think a thought, beginning to feel a feeling, speaking a word, playing her Drum, how she creates vibration and how this vibration influences the whole Web of Vibrations, the Web of Life and she feels vulnerable in acknowledging her responsibility as Co-Creator.