Calling the Divine Feminine Home

Oh four-winged Child of the Golden Sun
You know exactly where Life once sprung
Piping in your Cave yet unseen
You were on your way to become a Queen
And in that same Metamorphosis Moon
Many more Beings would follow soon
All born from your heart and soul
All born from your Royal Blood
So many creatures and yet a whole
What is it that makes it work that good
No rules no laws no written mission
Simply following Divine Hive Vision
By following the fertile pheromone
that always will orient the Hive to Home

Oh Great Mother, Oh Hive Mother
Finally accepting your Graceful Presence
Blending the Spiritual and the Physical
Into a Sacred Healing Essence

It makes sense your fertile pheromone
Giving me direction in a fruitful life
Giving me connection with a soulful Hive
Giving me orientation back to Home
For Freedom surely is to be found
In being oriented instead of being bound
This Sacred Path of Bees is mine
Welcome back Feminine Divine


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